Music Video Directed by Ken Minami

Assistant Art Direction by Chiaki Minami

Filmed and Edited by Chiaki Minami

Filmed and Edited by Chiaki Minami

Special Effected by Emma Jay

Shot/Edited by Fatos Marishta

Directed/Shot/Edited by Nicholas Parish


Kenichi Minami (Ken) is a Japanese singer, songwriter, guitarist, and pianist. A consummate performer, Ken solidified his stardom as the frontman for the Japanese rock band Chuburari. Ken recorded numerous albums with Chuburari and worked with prominent Japanese record labels including Bad News Records, the UK Project, and Speed Star Disc. Ken and Chuburari rose to the forefront of the indie rock scene in Japan, with their songs ranking near the top of the CRJ-West music charts in the early 2000s. Ken has been featured in numerous magazine interviews, including pieces published in Indies Magazine, Bariyaba, Kanekojiru, Gag Bank, and Roof Top. Additionally, Ken has appeared with in Chuburari in music videos and on programs aired most popular commercial television and premium cable music networks in Japan including MTV Japan, Fuji TV, and Space Shower TV.

Following his great musical success with Chuburari in Japan, Ken joined forces with drummer Adam Amram to form Ken South Rock. Ken is currently the lead singer, songwriter, and guitar player for Ken South Rock. Since its formation in 2010, Ken South Rock has quickly amassed a large and devoted following in Japan. By infusing his songs with traditional Japanese melodies and rhythms, Ken is able to reflect the true universality of music and its ability to unite people across boundaries of race, religion, nationality, society, class, and culture. The central theme behind all of his songs is one of freedom and interconnectedness. His musical union with drummer Adam Amram - a native of New York City - is a perfect reflection of his artistic philosophy. Together, they have performed in notable musical venues throughout Asia, and have increased their already considerable fan base since Ken’s relocation to the U.S. in 2013.

Ken’s second project is the band Toranavox. Toranavox is a Brooklyn-based, ultra-dense hard rock band. Formed at the end of 2014, the group is comprised of Ken and Eli Halfi, an Israeli drummer and vocalist. Together, they create time altering, dark, happy hard rock with heavy metal overtones. The lyrics explode in Japanese, Hebrew, and English - a variety that matches the range also achieved with their sound.

In 2018, Ken started a new project called BoscoMujo. Ken is the principal composer and producer of the project, in addition to his role as singer and guitarist. “Mujo” is a Japanese word, which means that everything is always changing, that life comes and goes. As suggested by this band name, the band members except Ken are always changing depending on the shows or recordings, and through frequently having sessions with new people, he distills much stronger sounds.

Also in 2018, BoscoMujo had their first US tour, attended Rock! Away! Music Festival, Julia Louis Drey Fest and more. The current members on March 6th 2019 are Charlie McGrath on Drums, and Hudson Harris on Bass. He regularly organizes the event ‘Mujo Night’ in Brooklyn which combines music and art. In March 2019, while BoscoMujo is touring towards SXSW, he is organizing a large scale event in Nashville, where he has invited many local artists to perform.

BoscoMujo recorded and released 2 songs EP with Blahll!! Records on July 2019 and 5 songs CD with Dreamy Life Records on October 2019. And they have a US tour in summer to fall, also EU tour in winter 2020. In March 2020, BoscoMujo cancelled SXSW tour halfway and returned to Brooklyn, NY due to COVID-19.

During the pandemic, Ken recorded some songs by solo and created music videos and released. And also he formed new band "COUPY" in Brooklyn and seeking a new way of music activity.

July 4th 2021, BoscoMujo resumed live activity with their organized show in Brooklyn and they will dive into a US tour from late September.

At the same time, COUPY's first live concert will be held in early September.

Ken’s musical passion is burning more strongly than ever.






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